The new cookbook noir by Henrik Yde!
The book features photos by acclaimed Danish-Hong Kong photographer Steven Achiam
Achiam was granted full access to all the restaurants and have captured a rare glimpse of daily life in professional Asian kitchens.
The inspiration for the book was the original photo crime investigation photographed by Japanese photographer Watabe Yukichi in 1958

Watabe followed an indeed bizarre murder investigation that followed when a dead body with missing body parts including a penis and several fingers was found in a lake.
From the original book published by The Wilson Centre for Photography

“On January 13 1958 a nose two fingertips and a penis were discovered in an oil vat near Sembako lake. The following day the police discovered the body of a man on the other side of the lake who had been grotesquely disfigured. Several fingers had been cut off and the entire body had been badly burned with acid.
Clearly in an attempt to make identification impossible..
Nevertheless, the subsequent autopsy established the identity of the corpse as Sato Tadashi, 30 years old, a day labourer from Sumida – ku, Tokyo.
The date of the murder was fixed on January 12. And the cause of death was strangulation. As Sato has been a Tokyo resident, a special investigation unit was formed in collaboration with the Tokyo Metropolitan Police.”

Henrik Yde tells:
“I was in New York last year and was oozing my way through the Dashwood bookshop on Bond Street in SOHO.
I stumbled across the black and white photojournalistic book about a murder case in Tokyo.
The book was very inspiring and I kept looking at the pictures, I was at the same time writing a cook book on fermentation, and why I believe fermentation to be the secret to great Asian cooking.
I fell asleep and woke the next morning with the memory of a bizarre dream with me murdered, buried in the mud left dead and fermented and it was all captured in black and white.
Coincidently  on the same day I was having a Photo session with Steven Achiam, who was shown the book and the idea was formed to do a more modern remake of Watabe´s great work.”
Henrik on fermentation.
“Fermentation as it being  kimchi or fish sauce holds so many flavours and brings out the others, as a catalyst.
The book brings recipe to do it yourself soy sauce, how to make real oyster sauce and fermented prawn crackers.”